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Top 5 Reasons To Meet Us

1. Neutral View: We will always give a neutral point of view cause we don't get paid a salary by the builder. So for us, a Fact-Finding session with the client is important before we bring any proposal to the table. We will suggest a product based on your need, desire, budget, restriction (if any), and most important based on your lifestyle.

2. Long Terms Service:  We are in the real estate business for the last ten years. Few of our clients who chose us when we were still struggling with making ourselves a brand name are still getting in touch with us for upgrading and are referring new clients to us. We haven't changed our line of business or our job. Since there is a lot that happens over discussions and someone who sold your property today should also be present on the day of possession. So the only possibility is choosing us directly trying to talk to the builder.

3. Better Pricing: We as authorized channel partners will always give more business to the builder than a single retail purchase by an individual buyer. So we always have a better price to offer to the client than a direct purchase. The difference is as good as buying in bulk and buying a single unit.

4. Subject Expertise: After a decade of real estate experience and having earned a reputation and respect, we will always have a better idea about the different stages and processes of buying a property. We like to screen and qualify every communication going to our client and wherever possible get special favors for esteemed clients.

5. Unity Is Strength: Our presentation to the builder on behalf of our client will always have more impact cause he knows there is a strength of a big group that's coming along in the same voice.

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